Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Costume Design: Kimberly and Johnson

Young Kimberly

Present Time Kimberly

Young Johnson

Present Time Johnson

Young Yaya Babes

Present Time Yaya Babes

Young Toffee

Present Time Toffee

Young Tita Grace

Present Time Tita Grace

Ate Shirley


Tita Kathy

Tito Arthur


Kimberly and Johnson

Kimberly and Johnson was a Stage Play held last March 30, 2011 & April 1, 2011 at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts Black Box Studio as part of the SDA Annuale.


Neon Samantha San Jose-Young Kimberly
Jessika Jane Torres-Present Time Kimberly
Ernest Oliver Lim-Young Johnson
Alessandro Bautista-Present Time Johnson
Claudia Enriquez-Yaya Babes
Reinier Ramones-Young Toffee
Neptune de la Cura-Present Time Toffee
Nickole Dolendo-Tita Grace
Bettina BaƱez-Ate Shirley
Michelle Norimatsu-Maddy
Siennalee de Guia-Tita Kathy
Yuji Morcozo-Tito Arthur
Kevin Sanchez-Singer

Production Staff & Crew:

Director: M.A Castro
Playwright: M.A. Castro
Assistant Director: Jumbo Albano
Production Manager: Acy Abong
Finance Head: Kyra Escanan
Logistics Head: Amelia Chung
Marketing: Mariel Paragas
Artistic Coordinator: Shermaine San Antonio
Advertising: Denise Lu
Head Stage Manager: Hogi Cadlum
Assistant Stage Managers: Chesca Gonzales, Jennie Navoa, Alex Veneracion, Jejo Cantos
Props Manager: Patricia Villanueva
Assistant Props Manager: Angel Casaul
Head Set Designer: Jonel Factor
Assistant Set Designers: Naho Sakamoto, Krizia Aquino, Mikee Garcia
Costume Designer: Gelo Arucan
Assistant Costume Designer: Cleo Kelly
Production Crew: Lia Ramos
Sound Engineer: LJ Pamplona
Sound Designers: Aman dela Cruz, Ling Lava, Earl Limcacao
Technical Director: Glen Alarcon
Assistant Technical Director: Michael Chong
Light Designer: Kristoffer Legaspi
Assistant Lighting Designers: Maco Caoile, Ardy David
Graphic Designer: M.A. Castro
Assistant Graphics Designer: Lenny Ochoa
Photographer: Francis Garcia
Choreographer: Jolie Lictawa

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